We invite our colleagues, family members, and friends to participate in and share the Cartwheels of Compassion challenge. Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge so many of us participated in, the Cartwheel Challenge is a fun and viral way to bring awareness to Never Forgotten Foundation and the five causes it has selected to support during this charity drive. Knowing how foolish many of us will look doing cartwheels, we thought this would be a hilarious way for people to show some humility and support humanity. We really hope this challenge takes on a life of its own and helps to better the lives of so many people who need our help!

“Help to raise money and bring awareness to causes that affect so many of us in our personal and professional lives. Whether it be Breast Cancer Research and Awareness, Support for Victims of Domestic Violence, Drug Prevention and Abuse Recovery, Veteran Aid, or Ending Childhood Leukemia, make a difference and make a promise to participate in Cartwheels of Compassion and encourage those around you to do the same.” – Steve Bryson

Breast Cancer Research

Veteran Aid

Curing Childhood Leukemia

Drug Prevention
& Abuse Recovery

Assistance for Victims
of Domestic Violence