Forgotten Drive

Our street team delivering meals to the Long Beach Rescue Mission

Our Inspiration:

The holiday season conjures many sensations in our minds such as the smell of fresh pumpkin pie and roasted turkey, the warmth of fires and hot apple cider, the bright colors of gifts and homes, the love of family and friends. There are many gifts to shop for, events to plan, vacations to enjoy, and relaxation planned on our calendars; little time exists to think about anything else.

As we fight traffic to make perfect memories this season, we are so engulfed by the hustle and bustle that we do not have time to notice the lonely individuals begging on every freeway ramp and standing at every traffic light corner; all of them holding signs, pleading for help. How often have we avoided eye contact with these individuals as we wait for the light to change? We intentionally look at any and every thing else all the while knowing we have the ability to help them, but decide not to for whatever reason.

During this season there is no sensational smell they salivate over, no delicious dinner scheduled, and color and warmth are far-fetched dreams they cling to as the winter minutes trudge by. What is the finest time of the year for us is the most miserable for many. The staff at Never Forgotten Foundations finds this unacceptable. You should too.

Our Goal:

We aim to deliver hope, help and 40,000 meals to the less fortunate in our community. By limiting our administrative overhead to $0.00 and assistance from local vendors, we will be able to provide meals for roughly 25 cents a piece!